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Events List

May 2, 2018 - 11AM

Bangerz Only

The first Wednesday of every month, we’ll search our cellar and tap one of the rarest beers we have. Every Banger will be tapped at open, and will run until its gone!

Real smoked pig heads give it the smokey flavor. There is no smoked malt in this recipe. The beer that put Right Brain on the map. A rich and chocolaty porter brewed with real smoked pig heads and bones. Not for vegetarians! You simply have to experience this beer and describe it to your friends. 2011 Gold Medal Winner for Best Experimental Beer at the Great American Beer Festival®.

Right Brain Brewing Co. // Mangalitsa Pig Porter // American Stout w/ Smoked Pig Heads // 7% ABV

May 4, 2018 - 11am

May The Shorts Be With You

“Well, if droids could drink, there’d be none of us here, would there?”


On May 4th we will be having an interactive Shorts tap event. May 4th is Star Wars day, and as you know, Short’s pride themelves on being a little different. Shorts will be brewing some exclusive beers in the theme of Star Wars & Space Balls. Join us for a day of beer and film nerdom!


The Empire Hops Back // India Pale Lager // ABV TBD

My Own Best Friend // Dry Hopped Belgian Golden Ale // ABV TBD

Local’s Lightsaber // American Light Lager // 5.2%

Boba Brown // American Brown Ale // 7%

Huma Lucas Licious // American IPA // 7.7%

The Radar is Jammed // Fruit Rye Ale // 7.5%

Space Guns, Pew Pew // Gluten-Reduced American Pale Ale // 5%

Evil Will Always Triumph // Semi-Sweet Traditional Hard Apple Cider // 4.9%

The Bleeps, The Sweeps, The Creeps // Traditional Semi-Sweet Hard Cider w/ Cherries // 6.3%

May 20, 2018 - 10AM

1 Year Anniversary Party

It seems like only yesterday our building was under construction and everyone was wondering what was coming to Royal Oak. We weren’t sure who or what was moving in, only that it was something big. Since then, hundreds of different beers have passed through this builing, thousands of orders of Crack Fries have been served and we couldn’t be happier to serve the beer obsessed Royal Oak community. Keeping with the love of our city, we are dipping into the cellar to pull out some of our favorite beers from the some of our favorite breweries that have been behind us since day one. Come enjoy some of the  finest beers we saved in our collection and help us look back on our first year and look forward to the many more to come!


-Commemorative Grand Opening Glassware Giveaway for first 25 guests of the day

Beer List (Continued)


-Deschutes Black Butte XXIX // Bourbon & Rum BA American Porter w/ Turbinado Sugar, Dutched Cocoa Powder, Cinnamon & Cayenne // 12%

-De Proefbrouwerij & New Glarus Brewing’s ABTsolution // Belgian Strong Dark Ale w/ Lactose // 9%

-Vandermill’s BA Totally Roasted // BBA Traditional Hard Apple Cider w/ Cinnamon, Pecan & Vanilla // 6.9%

-Wolverine Massacre // BBA Imperial Dark Lager // 13%

-Lakefront’s Brandy BA Cherry Lager // Brandy BA American Lager // 10.7%

-Arbor’s Mafka // Mixed-Fermentation Sour Ale w/ Oak Staves // 5%

-New Holland’s Dragons Milk Reserve: Mocha Mint // Bourbon BA American Imperial Stout w/ Peppermint, Chocolate & Coffee // 11%

-Nebraska’s Mélange A Trois // Chardonnay BA Belgian-Style Blonde Ale // 11.3%

May 22, 2018 - 5:30 PM

Perrin Brewing Co. Beer Dinner

Join us for an expertly paired tasting event with our friends from Perrin Brewing Company. Featuring 5 beers across 4 courses with locally sourced ingredients used in every dish.


Opening Beer: Perrin Gold // American Golden Ale // 4.8% ABV

1st Course: 98 Problems IPA // American IPA // 6.5% ABV

Paired w/ Chocolate covered candied bacon

2nd Course: Grapefruit IPA // American IPA w/ Grapefruit // 5.3% ABV

Paired w/ Red grapefruit salad with avocados, and pomegranate pistachios

3rd Course: Black Currant Foudre Sour // American Wild Ale w/ Black Currant // 4.5% ABV

Paired w/ Pepper mussels with black berry garlic crositnis 

4th Course: No Rules 2018 // Bourbon BA Vietnamese Imperial Porter w/ Coconut, Cinnamon, & Turbinado Sugar // 15% ABV

Paired w/ Almond crusted coconut macaroons


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