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Good Advice From An Inappropriate Cat
| July 18, 2017
Inappropriate Cat

Watch this f***ing video and learn the meaning of life. My life.

I am the Inappropriate Cat – the world’s leading authority on how to get your own f***ing way. I do not, and will not, refrain from sharing my opinions and critical criticisms in any way, shape or form. E.g., dogs suck.

When I speak you should listen – unless you’re the sensitive type. Then you should probably talk to a Pomeranian. If you like what you hear, share it. Even if it’s only to piss off your friend Sarah, the dog lover.

And if you’re a fan of my offensive tirades, follow me. There’s plenty more to come.

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Our soundtrack (so far)
| March 29, 2017
Music, Beer, Grand Opening

We open each HopCat with a special grand opening video featuring some great local, independent artists, often from the town where we're opening. Here's a Spotify list of our "soundtrack" so far (in order of HopCat opening). Thanks to all of the artists featured for allowing us to feature your music. Go see them live and buy their records.

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HopCat - Kansas City opens
| March 21, 2017
Kansas City, Grand Opening

What a reception at our HopCat - Kansas City grand opening on Feb. 25, 2017! We are excited to be part of the historic Westport community and feature the best selection of Missouri and Kansas-made craft beer. Check out the video (featuring music from KC's The Conquerors) and then come visit us. Visit for more info.

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